SUNDAY Worship: 11am - 2pm EST

Women’s Ministry

Welcome to the Women’s wing of the Inner Court Sanctuary website.   In His creation, God divinely blessed women and gave us a mandate to assist our men in performing their God giving assignment.  We the women of Inner Court Sanctuary (Praise Palace) are nurturing, creative, persevering, and resilient, among other things. Add the God factor (i.e. the gift of God) and we are people that can be very wonderful.

As we live this life as  women of God, we do find that we need emotional and spiritual support. Therefore as women’s fellowship, we stand to equip ourselves fully to perform our purpose in our individual homes and families as we help one another.

We also believe that each one has wonderful opportunities for growth, support, friendship, and healing which will keep us “In Step with the Spirit”. In our meetings, we seek to bring out all these gifts invested in us by God, through sharing of ideas to uplift ourselves in areas where we may fall short.

We welcome you in any of our meetings which take place on the second Saturday of every month at Praise Palace auditorium. Time of fellowship is 6pm to 8pm. May the King of Glory bless you abundantly and we look forward to seeing you in the near future.

In Step !!!……..  With the Spirit !!!!!